May 4, 2021

2021 MLB Predictions: Judge, Andujar & Kluber

I know I'm late this year but we're basically starting a new season today with the Yankees at an even 14-14... right? But seriously, I'm chalking up the Yankees' sluggish start to their strength of schedule – almost half of their games were against the Rays and Blue Jays, who I think will battle it out down to the wire for the final AL postseason spot.

AL East – no changes from last year's picks
1. Yankees
2. Blue Jays*
3. Rays

4. Red Sox
5. Orioles

Results from my 2020 predictions

Other than picking the Dodgers in 6 and Gio Urshela's batting average nearly on the nose, this year was another wash.

AL East 
1. Yankees INCORRECT (Rays)
2. Rays* INCORRECT (Yankees)
3. Blue Jays 
4. Red Sox INCORRECT (Orioles)
5. Orioles INCORRECT (Red Sox)

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