April 6, 2012

2012 MLB predictions

The Yankees open today, and that means it's time to make predictions. You can also find my more detailed league scouting reports on Boston.com (AL | NL). The Reds let me down last year, but I'm sticking with them.

AL East 
1. Yankees
2. Rays* 
3. Red Sox
4. Blue Jays 
5. Orioles 

AL Central 
1. Tigers 
2. Royals 
3. Indians
4. Twins
5. White Sox

AL West 
1. Angels 
2. Rangers* 
3. Athletics
4. Mariners 

NL East 
1. Phillies
2. Braves* 
3. Marlins
4. Nationals
5. Mets 

NL Central 
1. Reds
2. Cardinals*
3. Brewers
4. Pirates
5. Cubs
6. Astros 

NL West 
1. Giants 
2. Diamondbacks
3. Dodgers 
4. Rockies
5. Padres

*Wild Card Winner 


AL Champion: Angels 
NL Champion: Reds 
World Series Champion: Angels, 5 games 

AL MVP: Albert Pujols  
NL MVP: Joey Votto  
AL Cy: David Price  
NL Cy: Tim Lincecum 
AL RoY: Yu Darvish
NL RoY: Bryce Harper 
AL Manager: Jim Leyland  
NL Manager: Ozzie Guillen 
Yankee Stats:  
Alex Rodriguez RBIs: 148 
Andy Pettitte wins: 13  
Derek Jeter AVG: .306 
Robinson Cano HR: 35 
Brett Gardner R: 123   
CC Sabathia Ks: 220  
Michael Pineda ERA: 3.88 
Mark Teixeira SB: 2 

2009 predictions  
2009 results 
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2011 predictions 

What are your predictions for this year?

April 5, 2012

MLB social media: Yankees are most-liked, Swisher is most-followed [Infographic]

The Wall Street Journal shared a cool infographic about social media in baseball, and it revealed some not-so-surprising Yankees victories.

The Yankees are the most-liked team on Facebook (5.3 million) and Nick Swisher (1.5 million) is the most-followed baseball player on Twitter.

The Red Sox (3.4 million) rank second on Facebook and David Ortiz (225,460) ranks fourth.

The Phillies are the most-followed team on Twitter (680,000), while the Yankees rank second (550,000).

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter ... make sure to get updates from this blog on the two popular networks (Facebook | Twitter).

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