January 19, 2009

Why Manny, why?

I have recently heard multiple sources say that the Yankees are still one of the top destinations for Manny Ramirez.  Why?  

The Yankees already have Damon, Gardner, Melky, Nady, and Swisher in the outfield(assuming Matsui's knees stay the way they are).

If the Yanks signed Manny, we'd have to reshape our entire roster: trading at least one of our spare outfielders.  Not to mention, Scott Boras would probably ask for the most outrageous contract in the history of sports from of the Yankees (knowing the Steinbrenner's are on our side).

Another important reason to avoid Manny is his age.  He turns 37 at the end of May, and the Yanks have been looking to get younger for the past couple of years.  Getting rid of Melky or Gardner would not help the cause.  

I am happy with our current team.  Cashman did a great job of addressing our biggest offseason needs (SP and 1B), and I am definitely looking forward to the AL East race this year.

Although I've always been a fan of Manny's antics, plus he did grow up in the Bronx, it is just too late in his career for him to dawn pinstripes. 


Anonymous said...

You know who shouldn't get Manny? The Yankees or the Mets. NY teams do not want these foolish people. I know Manny and the like are talented, but is he worth the media?

Speaking of the NY teams. PREDICTION: Subway series take 2. 2009 will be the Mets vs. Yankees in the World Series, only this time the Mets will prevail 4-2 in a thrilling 6th game walk off.

You thought 2008 was a good sports year, just wait until this year. Tiger will win 3 of the 4 majors, failing at Bethpage even though he's the defending US Open Champ (last year and when it was last at Bethpage). Neither Federer nor Nadal will win 2 majors, leaving room for an up-and-coming star or blast from the past. The Cavaliers will dominate the NBA playoffs, with LeBron James the obvious MVP. The Bruins will squeak out the Stanley Cup. The Steelers will complete PA's brilliant year of sports. And finally, Brian Cappelletto will pull a stunning upset at the World Scrabble Championships. Enjoy the year everyone!

Lenny Neslin said...

Those are some pretty detailed descriptions for 2009. Are you the guy from Back to the Future who bets all of his money on games he knows the outcomes to? I hope you are...

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