February 11, 2009

Jeter's future?

Recently, rumors of Jeter's future possibly ending his career as a center fielder have come up.

The Jeter situation is a tough one. Re-signing him after his current contract expires in 2010, moving him away from the #2 spot in the order, changing his position to center field or switching positions with A-Rod are all questions that eventually will have to be answered. But who wants to be the guy that moves Jeter down in the order though?

My predictions for Jeter's future are as follows:
  • He will not play any other position other than shortstop or DH
  • He will sign only one more deal after his contract expires after the 2010 season
  • He will retire before he reaches 3,000 hits if he feels he is dragging out his career
  • He will retire when he feels he cannot contribute positively to the Yankees
...Pitchers and catchers report to Tampa this Friday...I'm so pumped for my first season of blogging!

Photo from Newsday.com

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nutballgazette said...

Maybe you are right, However I have written a different take on my blog. Tell me what you think

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