February 3, 2009

Joe Torre's book

Joe Torre's book "The Yankee Years" is now on sale. It's hard to get around as a college freshman like myself, but I am looking to read this book one way or another as soon as I can.

I found this review online if you are interested:

The following content was provided by the publisher.
Twelve straight playoff appearances. Six American League pennants. Four World Series titles. This is the definitive story of a dynasty: the Yankee years When Joe Torre took over as manager of the New York Yankees in 1996, the most storied franchise in sports had not won a World Series title in eighteen years. The famously tough and mercurial owner, George Steinbrenner, had fired seventeen managers during that span. Torre's appointment was greeted with Bronx cheers from the notoriously brutal New York media, who cited his record as the player and manager who had been in the most Major League games without appearing in a World Series Twelve tumultuous and triumphant years later, Torre left the team as the most beloved and successful manager in the game...continue reading here


Andrew Fletcher said...

I own it :)

Anonymous said...

I saw the Torre/Costas interview on the MLB network. It's like, "You have to read the book to really understand." In other words, shameless self-promotion. I usually don't side with the Yankee brass, but Torre's made millions with the Yankees and his assertion that the two-year contract was so important to him is lame. I still love Joe Torre, but he's come down a notch.

Lenny Neslin said...

Agreed. What more can you expect from Steinbrenner than a 1-year deal? Making the playoffs 12 straight years is why he kept on getting those multi-year contracts. He slipped once in his contract year, and it cost him. To be honest, I feel they missed the playoffs purely because the Yankees' lack of offensive production - not Torre.

Side note: I'll have my copy by Monday!

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