February 15, 2009

A-Rod hall of fame chances undecided

In my last poll, I asked if A-Rod is still a hall of famer after he admitted to PED use from 2001-2003. Here are the results:

Yes (still a hall of famer): 45%
No (not a hall of famer): 55%

If this poll was based on the actual hall of fame voters, then A-Rod would be well short of the 75% needed.

I strongly believe he is unworthy of the hall.  He is a liar.

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nutballgazette said...

I am with you Len..I was listening to MLB LIVE on XM..
The Host was talking about the "New 8 Men Out" of the HOF.......
Bonds, McGuire, Sosa, Clemens, A-Rod, Sheffield, Pudge, Palmiero.

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