February 8, 2009

A-Rod tainted

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you've heard that A-Rod tested positive for two anabolic steroids in 2003; his MVP season with the Rangers.

You can look at this from two angles. The whole career perspective: does this immediately eliminate his chances at the Hall of Fame? (see my poll) And the more current angle: will this be a distraction for A-Rod all of the '09 season?

What these tests do not tell you is how long the player used the steroids. This can make all the difference in the world. If A-Rod was like Andy Pettitte and only took steroids for a couple of weeks, I would let him off the hook just like I have with Pettitte.

Photos from SI.com


nutballgazette said...

I think it does eliminate him from the Hall Of Fame unless it comes out that this is a total false report. And I doubt that is going to happen
Also I do think it will be huge distraction.
I know it is not going to happen but I would be happy if the Yankees just released A-**** (Pay Off His Contract) and let him sign anywhere including Boston.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "Nutball Gazette." I've had it with these overpaid, greedy players. It's true that if it were"only" for that one year, maybe it's not so big a deal. But I'm willing to bet it was/is for longer than that. We need to clamp down on these guys. And, I find myself in agreement (gulp!) with Schilling - release the names of all 104!

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