February 23, 2009

Surprising poll results: Joba's role still in question

In a poll that I thought would provide a very clear answer, I received a near three-way tie.  Voters chose between Joba Chamberlain pitching in the starting rotation, the bullpen or both.

Rotation:   6
Bullpen:    6
Both:        4

I voted that Joba should return to the rotation.  Being in a rotation provides a team with 180+ innings of work, compared to the 60 innings you might get from being in the bullpen.  Joba has dominated in both roles so far in his career, so why not go with the more valuable option?  

Too many times last year a Yankee pitcher would not make it past the fifth inning.  Having your number four/five starter guarantee you six-plus innings per outing is huge.  For more on my take on this topic click here.


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