February 24, 2009

Two more injury updates: Jeter, Posada

Yesterday's post about Derek Jeter's hamstring turned out in the Yankees favor, as Jeter ran the bases today according to Peter Abraham.

A big issue going into Yankee camp was Posada's throwing shoulder, as he is recovering from shoulder surgery. Abraham saw him throw and said the Yankees are happy with his progress. He is expected to DH Thursday against the Rays.


Anonymous said...

I'm concerned more about these guys' hitting than their running and throwing (although I admit they are all related). Jeter has shown signs that his hitting has faded. He's become a singles hitter. Posada had the great year in 2007 but 2008 was a non-event and now we have to hope he hits like he did in 2007. Catchers can deteriorate rather quickly. Look at Varitek and I-Rod.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jeter sucks he only hit .300 last year with a career low in strikeouts.

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