February 19, 2009

"The Yankee Years" - Excerpt 1

I just got Joe Torre's book this past weekend, unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time to get very far in it. This will be one of many excerpts chosen by me that I will display for your viewing pleasure. You will also get my take on it, of course.

My first quote is about the 1996 season. Torre is talking about what George Steinbrenner's mentality was like on an everyday basis.

"I was so excited to be managing a club that had a chance to win that whatever he dealt out to me, I was in a great frame of mind with it," Torre said. "We'd be winning games and he'd be semi-embarrassed because we'd win on a squeeze bunt or a base hit. He wanted to mutilate people." - Page 14

This book shares a lot of inside information like this that really fascinates me. I love hearing about the specifics of what really went on in the clubhouse.

Just before this quote, the book enlightened me of how good the Yankees bullpen was in '96. "They were 70-3 when they led after six innings." 70-3..........? That's absurd. Mariano Rivera six, John Wetteland three - every time.


nutballgazette said...

They had Ramiro Mendoza, Graeme Lloyd, David Weathers, Jeff Nelson, in the bullpen besides Mariano and Wetteland.

Lenny Neslin said...

Ya, it was a lock-down bullpen.

Anonymous said...

My recollection is that Nelson was frustraingly inconsistent (he had a 4.36 ERA in 1996). Mendoza had great years ahead of him, but his ERA was a whopping 6.79 in 1996. It was basically Mariano and Wetteland (and Leyritz's miracle homer!!!).

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