March 29, 2009

3rd Featured Yankee Card of the Week!

I'm going with Derek Jeter again this week because he's been such a hot topic in the news, and it's also a nice throwback card.  I got this 1996 Score Rookie at one of my first Yankee games I've ever been to in one of those Yankee packs that were sold at the old stadium.

If you search the card on eBay, it maxes out at $34.99, but mine does not seem to be in the best quality.  As far as selling my cards in general, I haven't really thought about doing it yet.  I think that eventually cards may get valuable again, but aren't right now because they are so popular.  

Having a collection like mine is fun to keep track of and look through every once in a while.  I have around 10,000 cards including hundreds of Yankee cards ranging from 1960 to the present.

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