March 26, 2009

Bronx Baseball Daily

Hello fans,

I was recently offered to have my writing hosted by another Yankees blog! It is Bronx Baseball Daily, another up-and-coming blog that is averaging nearly ten times the amount of visitors per day I am getting.

Not to worry, the creator has allowed me to publish on both blogs. So ultimately, I am just putting my work out on another site, which is what I have been doing with Yardbarker, BallHype, BleacherReport and Sports Blog Net. It seems I have chosen the wrong time to start a blog, as Yankees blogs have become very popular over the past year.

The best way to improve traffic on a site is to post as much as possible. This can best be accomplished when a site has multiple writers, which is exactly what Bronx Baseball Daily is doing. They already have six writers and maybe more coming eventually. If you look at one of the most popular Yankees blogs on the Web, River Avenue Blues, you will see they also have multiple writers.

So, if you really are one of those die-hard Yankee fans, or if you are just looking for more news and opinions on Yankees baseball, I strongly urge you to check out BBD!

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nutballgazette said...

I am sure you will be recognized as a Top Blogger in the Baseball World. Have you considered going also to the and doing your blog there on either or

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