March 31, 2009

Cano on a mission

Kevin Kernan of the New York Post reported today that a new and improved Robinson Cano is in camp this spring, and that he has high hopes for this upcoming season.

Of course, I'd love to agree with Kernan here, but I'm not sold just yet.  The article mentions that hitting coach Kevin Long visited Cano in the offseason in the Dominican Republic.  This is definitely a really good thing, but the article says that his swing has changed dramatically.  This scares me a little.
Cano's stance was squared off, his stride shortened, and he stopped going from an open to a closed stance while the pitcher was in his delivery.
This sounds a little bit too dramtic of a change.  I know his stance changed a little bit at the very end of last season, and that worked out well for him.  So now why is he totally revamping his swing after that?

The article also says that Cano has a better understanding of the strike zone, and is taking more pitches.  Well, based on the fact that he's walked twice in 52 plate appearances this spring, I'm not buying it.

The only thing that this article makes me happy about is that Cano is showing that he cares a lot about improving on his bad season.  It says that he has been working out six days a week, and for six and a half hours each day.  When you watch Cano play, he seems like he does things so effortlessly that some people even question his effort.
"I saw a different guy who came into spring training and was ready to go," Girardi said. "A guy who was physically in top-notch shape, and I think Robbie learned a lot last year. Robbie has made the adjustments, and it has paid off so far."
I'm rooting for you Robbie!  But please, please, please, draw some walks for me!

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nutballgazette said...

And maybe lay a bunt down 1 or 2 times

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