March 9, 2009

Poll results: CC favored for opening day start

Despite the rumors of Joba Chamberlain starting opening day for the Yankees, fans favored CC Sabathia to get the start.  Chien-Ming Wang was a close second and Joba only got one vote.

CC Sabathia:  45%
A.J. Burnett:  4%
Chien-Ming Wang:  36%
Andy Pettitte:  9%
Joba Chamberlain:  4%

Sabathia's the big money man.  I want to see him earn it on opening day.  I remember a similar situation when we traded for Randy Johnson.  We ended up giving him the start, and he shut down the Red Sox.  I expect Joe Girardi to make the decision before April.  The Yankees open against the Orioles on April 6.

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