March 14, 2009

Sports Blog Net

I just recently joined a Web site called Sports Blog Net - a place for sports bloggers like me to get their name out and to compile all of the quality sports blogs in one place.  

If you already have a sports blog and are looking to increase your audience, then you should highly consider joining Sports Blog Net.  If you don't have a sports blog, but are interested in writing about sports, then  you can start your own blog in minutes at this site.


Anonymous said...

You blog like a beat reporter, which sadly is not the type of content that a quality sports blog has. You need to start saying more interesting and risky things, instead of just repeating the same thing that is on

Use the blog to actually SAY SOMETHING
not to report the news, thats what espn does and quite frankly they're much better at it than you are

Lenny Neslin said...

Is this comment referring to my last post with both of the game recaps? I admit, I didn't really give my analysis in that post. I was just breaking down a box score to give people easy access to a daily Yankee recap.

I give my opinions on a lot of other topics in previous posts. A major topic recently was when I discussed what the Yankees should do with Hughes and Kennedy. I was surprised to see only one person commented on it (my friend). I encourage discussion. People should not be afraid to post comments about their opinions.

Also, I said in my very first post that I would be presenting people with the latest Yankee news. In a blog that is exclusively devoted to one team, how can I not include game recaps?

Anonymous said...

because thats boring. You could describe the players instead of just saying what they did. You could question a decision that girardi made. You could talk about how the yankees are a completely different team without A-Rod and should have signed Adam Dunn. (unless you believe otherwise, as I do but thats a different story)

As far as what you said about hughes and kennedy, just because you said something doesn't mean it was intelligent Dan Giese and Brett Tomko ahead of Ian Kennedy are you kidding me?

Also you really are not in a place to make statements on Hughe's mechanics if you are not an actual pitching coach. It makes you look dumb when these amazing mechanics you love about Hughes having have gotten him hurt.

If you want to see "effortless mechanics," watch Roy Halliday.

With Cano's stance change, that is completely unimportant. If you look at his load position its exactly the same.

You show promise because of your enthusiasm, but you are not ready to claim a "quality sports blog" yet.

Do this a little bit longer. Then ask yourself if you run a quality yankees blog.

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