March 21, 2009

Yanks cut six, including Hughes

This morning, Cashman released the next six players to be cut from big league camp.  Phil Hughes, along with Steven Jackson, Anthony Clagget, Humberto Sanchez, Jason Johnson and Sergio Mitre, got the boot.

You might ask, "why the heck did Hughes get cut?"  Here's what Brian Cashman had to say on the matter:
"I told him that he had a great camp and to keep working," Cashman said. "We told him about all the things that we saw and what he needs to continue to work on. He's in a great frame of mind. He knows he did great here, but he also knows that it's not in his best interest to now be held back."
Obviously, this decision has nothing to do with his performance so far this spring.  As I said last night, he has a 2.19 ERA and has the most innings recorded out of any Yankee pitcher in spring so far.  Since he did get cut, this means that the Yankees see him as a starter.  This is contrary to what I've been thinking all spring.  Although now that the move has been made, I think it makes sense.

Barring an injury, there is no room for Hughes to pitch every fifth day for the New York Yankees.  However, Andy Pettitte is only signed to a one-year deal.  I can see Hughes filling that hole next season.

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