April 18, 2009

14 Runs in the second inning

After the Yankees scored two runs off Fausto Carmona in the bottom of the second, the Indians struck back in a big way against a struggling Chien-Ming Wang.  Wang gave up eight runs in the top of the third, and only recorded one out.  Then, recent call-up Anthony Clagget proceeded to allow six more runs.  The worst part, it's all on the pitchers; there were no errors.

The bright side is that the Yankees get to face Carl Pavano tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I say send Wang down to the minors for a few weeks. You could see on the TV - he was high with his pitches most of the time.

I dread facing Pavano - it's always bad when you face a pitcher who's out to prove something.

See all those empty seats behind home plate? What a disgrace, a complete mis-reading of what a baseball stadium should be.

Lenny Neslin said...

We couldn't beat Pavano, but we did get to their bullpen.

Jeremy said...

a note on empty seats..
citi field has the same problem. their attendance is great, and citi field is a fantastic structure (it gets an automatic plus for not being shea) but the empty seats behind home plate can be $700?? thats way too much to see one game. poor designing, but more so poor timing i'd say.

oh, and all those runs were in the second inning i think, not the third? doesnt really matter, they count nonetheless.

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