April 11, 2009

Kepner on Cano:

Tyler Kepner, Yankees beat writer for the NY Times, wrote something in his game recap last night that completely coincides with what I've been saying all along about Robinson Cano.

Kepner and Joe Girardi hit the nail right on the head:

Cano had two more hits on Friday, giving him eight in 14 at-bats so far. He has hit in 15 games in a row going back to last September, when Girardi benched him for lack of hustle in the field.

Cano has blistered balls consistently since then, and also shown a better eye at the plate. He walked only 26 times last season — roughly four times a month — but has drawn four walks in four games this week.

“A lot of patience at the plate, swinging at pitches he can handle and he can drive, and working the count,” Girardi said. “I think I’m most pleased by the four walks he has. That’s great, because Robby’s a dangerous hitter when he swings at good pitches.”

I completely agree with everything that is being said about Cano here. Cano has definitely displayed his improved patience with his four walks this season, and I am looking forward to watching Cano continue to develop in '09!

If you liked what Kepner wrote as much as I did, you will appreciate what he writes on his blog as well.

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