April 12, 2009

Nick Swisher's role needs to be finite

Nick Swisher is building a solid case for a starting job. But the question is, where can he start everday? Swisher has started the last two games at first base, but only because Mark Teixeira is being extra cautious with his left wrist.

Tex will be back soon, and Swisher will not be starting first base anymore. (It isn't even a debate between Tex and Swish at first base; Tex has one of the best gloves there in the majors.)

I have no problem with Swisher filling in occasionaly for an injured Teixiera, or maybe eventually a corner outfield spot, but I don't want him jumping around from position to position all season. The players on a championship team's defense need to be familiar with how and where everyone plays in the field. If not, there will be poor team chemistry, thus leading to a poor defensive club. (Today's error from Swisher certainly doesn't hurt this argument.)

Swisher has had a great week, and he deserves a reward. I say, with Matsui's recent struggles at the plate, Swisher should assume full-time DH duties at least until he cools off. I'm coming down hard on Matsui here because of his subpar last season. Matsui needs to reacquire his consistent ways of old if he wants to be a main contributor for the Yankees in '09.


Anonymous said...

I feel as if you give up on players too easily
Robinson Cano as an example

nutballgazette said...

I have seriuos questions about Matsui also. He looks lost at the plate

Lenny Neslin said...

- I'm still happy with Cano, when did I give up on him?

And for Matsui, I can't see how the Yankees will continue to start him over Swisher when Tex returns. Who would you start, a hot Swisher? Or a cold Matsui?

Anonymous said...

This is why they pay Girardi big bucks - to figure out these things. You need to give Matsui some time to get back in the groove. On the other hand, Swisher is hot and adds some passion to this rather laid back team. Can Swisher play third? (By the way, this conversation can become moot pretty quickly as the Yankees open up against the Rays today, with their pitching.)

Lenny Neslin said...

I don't believe Swisher can play third. And I know Ransom is struggling to get hits right now, but he's been hitting the ball hard and having good at bats. I want him to get all of April to show the Yanks what he can do. I mean heck, even if he does stink, it's just April. The Yanks have come from behind over 10 games to make the playoffs after April.

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