April 25, 2009

Rivera gives up bomb to Bay, Yanks lose

A heartbreaking loss for the Yankees.  It seems every year Mariano Rivera gives up his first runs of the season to the Red Sox.  Joba Chamberlain had a good start, but nothing mattered after Jason Bay's bomb.

Quick ‘Cap:

Going into the seventh inning, both starters were out of the game, and the score was tied at two.  But the Yanks got to Hideki Okajima in the seventh, scoring two runs from a Mark Teixeira single and a Robinson Cano sacrifice fly.

The Yankees had the game wrapped up going into the ninth inning, but Rivera gave up a two-run shot to Jason Bay in the bottom of the ninth to force extra innings.  The Yankees lost it in the bottom of the 11th on a Kevin Youkilis home run over the green monster.  Full box score here.


I can’t believe Rivera finally blew it.  Something about playing the Red Sox in April does not bode well with the Yanks.  At least it’s the first game of the series, so they will have time to make up for it.

Offensive Notables:

  • Jose Molina had a really nice game actually.  He went 2-for-3 and walked twice.

Pitching Notables:

  • Chamberlain had a good start, allowing only one earned run over 5 1-3 innings.  He had to leave early because of his four walks and 91 pitches.

Up Next:

The second game of the series is today on Fox at 4:10 p.m.  A.J. Burnett takes on Josh Beckett in what should be a great matchup.


Anonymous said...

We can't read too much into one game, but this game was a prime example of why Joba should be in the pen and the heir-apparent to Mariano. Mariano's great, but how much longer can we expect him to be lights out? Joba did not pitch well. He was eratic, only occasionally displaying a sharp curve or a blow-away fastball. He was helped by double plays and a little bit of luck. He's clearly a Pappelbon-type guy. Bring him in for an inning or two so he can blast away.

Lenny Neslin said...

You might be right, but would you rather have a dominant starter or a dominant closer? In my mind, you have to have starting pitching to give the closer a chance.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

good luck with the blog. Just a thought: on the left side (where u have links to the players name) - u might want to change the color of the font.



Lenny Neslin said...

Thanks Eli, trust me, I agree with you about the names on the left side. I had to make add that whole left column myself through html, so it's not perfect. When I try and change it, it changes the color of my main color font too, so this is my best option for now.

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