April 24, 2009

Where have all the fans gone?


Look at the picture on the left.  There is no excuse for having that many empty seats in a brand new stadium in the middle of a game.  I view this picture as a form of demonstration from Yankee fans.  This picture doesn’t even show the absurd number of empty seats behind home plate, which is more embarrassing because it is the most common camera angle.

Yes, there were some rain drops during this game, but that does not explain how the seats surrounding this overpriced section are completely filled.

If this picture does not persuade the Yankees to lower their ticket prices, I don’t know what will.

Commissioner Bud Selig commented on the matter, but did not offer any form of advisement.

"They're going to discuss it, and whatever adjustments they want to make, they should make," Selig said. "I wouldn't be presumptuous talking about what they should or shouldn't do."

Selig’s doing the right thing for now, but if nothing changes, he will be forced to make action.  An entire section of empty seats in a newly opened stadium is preposterous.  It gives the Yankees less of a 10th man advantage, and portrays a terrible image of the Yankees.

When the Yankees visit Fenway, every year their fans seem to give them an advantage that was unmatched at the old Yankee Stadium.  Now if the Yanks can’t even fill all of their seats, how do they expect to compete with the Sox?

It is an utter embarrassment to have a lot of empty seats behind home plate.  The Yankees are charging up to $2,625 per seat.

Either the Yankees will lower the prices, or eventually Selig must intervene.  A new state of the art stadium should be packed every night, and not have empty sections.

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson


nutballgazette said...

The problem is partly the prices, They are way overpriced, But this is going on all over the major league. I watched alot of the Marlins/Pirates in Pittsburgh and there was nobody sitting behind the plate.
I do agree that for the yankees this is very embarrassing.

Joe Sikorski said...

Way too expensive. Not to mention that the whole section is blocked off so it is impossible for people to sneak down and fill it up to at least make it look like they payed for these seats anyway. Sadly, I refuse to go there as well as Citi Field anymore. There is way too much of a corporate aspect for me to get excited anymore and even the corporate people which the Yankees organization has tried so hard to gain has spat in their face.

Lenny Neslin said...

I like your style Joe. Abandoning the two stadiums is the right thing to do. My dad was saying that if only there was a way to get everyone to not go to the games, that might force them to lower the ticket prices. It would never happen, but it's the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I agree it's going on all over the league (including the Mets) but it's more extreme with the Yankees. They are so far out of line, they have to move the decimal point one over, that is, instead of $500-$2600, it should be $50 to $260. And the way they've blocked off the seats, it's the worst kind of class warfare. I know it's always been this way - of course the best seats cost more and corporate/rich people can afford them. But it's just too extreme. What galls me most, however, is that the new stadium has like 5000 fewer seats than before. What we needed was 5000 MORE seats. This is just a blatent attempt by the Stenbrenners to drive up prices by limiting the supply. Sick.

Lenny Neslin said...

I couldn't agree more. Why lower the number of seats when the place was being filled up every night?

Joe Sikorski said...

The thing that's a joke is that they block the section off so people can't even sneak down to make it look like there are at least some people sitting there. Even with the Mets 7:05 Saturday night game, primetime, there are no people sitting behind the plate. It's ludicrous what they charge for tickets. Again, I'm done. I miss the good old days...

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