May 12, 2009

New Yankee Stadium Pictures

My sister was lucky enough to get invited to see the Yankees play the Red Sox last Tuesday night.  I suggested she take some pictures, and she came through.

The biggest thing that I noted from her pictures was the scoreboard setup behind the center field stands.
yankee.stadium1That is an awfully big screen to show the player’s face while he is in the batters box.
yankee.stadium2This just shows how huge the players face is relative to anything else.  I do like the “Yankee Stadium” lettering.  It’s a nice touch without overdoing it.  Notice the balls, strikes and outs ticker (above the Delta sign) is separated from the rest of the scoreboard just like the old Yankee Stadium.
yankee.stadium3I have no idea why parts of the scoreboard are split up because all of the other parks have everything together.  I guess $1.3 billion wasn’t enough money to teach them to learn from their mistakes.

By the way, if you are an older fan that remembers the arches extending all the way around the stadium, here is proof of that theme renewed:
You have to love to see those big clumps of dark blue seats unfilled against their biggest rivals…

Anyways, thanks for the photos Louise!

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