May 25, 2009

Poll Results: Yankees won’t be in first by end of May, AL East up for grabs

Fans voted that the Yankees would not be able to win their way to first place in the AL East, but only by a slim margin.

Yes they will:  45% 
No they won’t:  54%

Despite the results, I would not count the Yanks out at all.  Here’s a look at the standings before play on Memorial Day.

Here is the remaining schedule for AL East teams:

Red Sox:  Twins (4), Blue Jays (3) 
Blue Jays:  (Orioles (3), Red Sox (3) 
Yankees:  Rangers (3), Indians (3) 
Rays:  Indians (4), Twins (3)

Obviously, the Red Sox-Blue Jays is the big series to watch here.  If the Yankees can take two out of three from the Rangers, I’ll be happy.  There is no reason why the Yanks shouldn’t sweep the Twins again.

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