May 29, 2009

Posada to return today, Cervelli to stay?

With Jorge Posada expected to be activated later today, somebody on the Yankees will need to step aside.  It is pretty clear that the player leaving will be Kevin Cash, Francisco Cervelli or Angel Berroa. 

If Berroa left the Yanks, they would be carrying three catchers on the roster. Berroa hasn’t been an influential utility player (oxymoron?), and I do not think he would be missed.  There have been talks that Cervelli would become the emergency utility infielder, and I wouldn’t doubt that notion.

UPDATE:  PeteAbe spoke with Cervelli in Texas, and he found out that he has only been catching since 2003.

I was a shortstop and a second baseman and I pitched in Venezuela,” Cervelli said. “I had never caught in my life. I had no idea what to do at first.”

I'd say he is definitely a quality emergency infielder (oxymoron?).

Cervelli has been one of the major keys to the streaking club.  He surprised everyone by holding a solid .300 batting average in the absence of Posada and Jose Molina.  But perhaps his more important contributions to the team are his high energy and good chemistry with the pitching staff.

As long as Cervelli stays, I’ll be happy.  I just hope Cervelli, as a second stringer, can continue to be productive and keep the team on their toes.

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