May 9, 2009

A-Rod & CC star in shutout

After dropping a heart-breaker last night, Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia teamed up to put an end to the Yankees' slump. Rodriguez did not waste any pitches in making his welcome statement, and Sabathia didn't leave the game until he struck out the last three batters of the ninth. The 4-0 victory over the Orioles was their first win in a week.

Quick 'Cap:
Heading into A-Rod's first at bat, John Sterling harped on these upcoming games being A-Rod's spring training. After the first pitch, he was comparing his at bat to a "grade B movie from the 1930s." He said this because the three-run homer A-Rod belted to left field was so "corny."

Sabathia, who gave up six earned runs to the Orioles in their last meeting, did not allow an extra base hit in his first shutout as a Yankee.

Johnny Damon doubled home the Yankees' new sarting catcher, Francisco Cervelli, in the seventh to make it 4-0. Full box score here.

A-Rod stole the show in the first inning, and Sabathia took it from there. I certainly could get used to the sound of that. I honestly believe that A-Rod's homer took the breath out of the Orioles. He walked up to the plate to a chorus of boos and fans holding fake syringes, but walked back to the dugout to overwhelming cheers. There is no doubt that this home run and this win could wind up being the turning point in the Yankees' season.

Note: I heard Sterling's call rather than Michael Kay's because I was in the car leaving Quinnipiac after completing my freshman year!

Noteworthy Performances:
- It was hard to stop laughing after A-Rod's home run. Prior to A-Rod's shot, it took all three of the Yankees' third basemen 401 pitches to hit their first home run.
- Sabathia's performance was overshadowed by A-Rod's homer, nevertheless it was his best outing in a Yankee uniform.

Up Next:
The Yanks look to return to .500 with a win tonight. Phil Hughes (1-1, 2.70) takes on Adam Eaton (1-3, 7.18) at 7:05 p.m.

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