May 13, 2009

Three more down for Yankees

The Yankees didn’t just lose the game last night, but they’ve also lost Derek Jeter (oblique), Hideki Matsui (hamstring) and Phil Coke (back).  Jeter and Matsui are out of the lineup for tonight’s game, and Coke is not available until Thursday. 

Jeter said he is hoping he can play tomorrow, but that is what he said last night about tonight’s game.  Jeter has suffered oblique troubles in the past that have landed him on the disabled list. 

This injury might be the answer to confused fans asking why Angel Berroa is still on the 25-man roster.  If Jeter hits the DL, Berroa is back in action as the utility infielder, while Ramiro Pena assumes Jeter’s position at short.

Matsui’s hamstring seems to be less of an issue, because he will be available to pinch hit tonight.  Joe Girardi is playing it safe because of his past knee injuries.  To me, if there’s any tightness, he shouldn’t be playing at all.  All the Yankees need is another addition to the DL.

Coke injured his back on Tuesday after standing up from a squat.  Girardi has said that he will not be available until Thursday at the earliest.

For a full injury report on all of the injured Yanks, read Tyer Kepner's report.

In-game update (8:34): Yankees are up 5-1 in the top of the fourth.

Check back later for a full game recap.

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