May 15, 2009

Yankee Tidbits

There are a lot of issues boiling with the Yankees right now.  Feel free to comment on any topic.

  • The Yankees just finished their AL East road trip with a 4-2 record.  They open up a 10-game homestand tonight that will feature the Twins, Orioles and Phillies.  Can they finish above .500?
  • Nick Swisher has been in a terrible funk lately.  Because of Xavier Nady’s absence, he has assumed starting duties on a regular basis.  Swisher has shown he can be a powerful weapon, but now he is becoming a liability.  Does Swisher need a break from playing everyday?
  • The Yankees’ three and four hitters, Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, are combining to bat .200 this season.  That’s a problem.  Does Joe Girardi need to mix up the lineup or wait for things to fix themselves?
  • A-Rod will make his Yankee Stadium debut tonight, and he has always loved the smell of home.  He is a career .314 hitter at home, and he batted .324 at Yankee Stadium last season.  Will his new home lift him up from his recent hitting woes?
  • The Yankees have made batting practice before games a friendlier time for fans.  Any fan will be allowed to go into the closest sections to the field down the left and right field lines.  Previously, only ticket holders in these sections were permitted.  I’m happy with this, are you?

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