June 11, 2009

Chien-Ming Wang’s next start in question

I was very surprised to read what Joe Girardi said when asked if Chien-Ming Wang would make his next scheduled start.

Via Newsday’s Erik Boland:

"I'm not ready to make that decision right now," Girardi said. "We're seven minutes after the game, so it's something we'll discuss. I'll sleep on it. In five days somebody will be out there."

I understand that Girardi hasn’t really said anything definitive here, but that is what shocks me.  I thought for sure he would make at least one more start before switching back with Phil Hughes to the bullpen.  Any starter for the Yankees could pitch that poorly against the Red Sox, especially one who is just returning from injury.

I’d be astonished to see Hughes take Wang’s turn in the rotation next time around.  That start would be June 16, at home against the Washington Nationals.

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