June 28, 2009

Mariano Rivera gets his first career RBI!

With the bases loaded and two out in the ninth, Francisco Rodriguez walked Mariano Rivera, giving him his first career RBI in three career at bats.

Rivera lined out to center on Wednesday against the Braves, and it has always been known that he is very athletic. He showed that when he took a vicious cut at K-Rod’s 2-2 pitch, and fouled it off. It really was a good swing. It was his only swing, but that’s all he needed against the wild K-Rod.

Derek Jeter was intentionally walked to get to Rivera, even though Joe Girardi had sent out Francisco Cervelli to the on-deck circle. The Mets ignored Girardi’s mind games, and Rivera walked out of the dugout.

Oh by the way, Rivera just got his 500th save.

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