June 24, 2009

Open discussion: Moving around outfielders causing errant throws?

Commenter Perry Arnold brought up an interesting topic of debate:

“We have seen a lot more bad plays from these outfielders this year than can be attributed to lack of concentration or anything else. What I am trying to say is that for three years, Melky was an excellent outfielder and was praised for his great arm and accurate throws. How can it possibly NOT AFFECT them when they are being moved constantly.”

As Perry pointed out, I think you can fault Joe Girardi for moving him around all the time. I happen to be a Girardi supporter, but perhaps Melky is getting mixed up from moving between all three spots.

“There has been more than one occasion this season where Melky has played the three outfield positions in three successive games. The ball comes at you differently, your angle of approach when lining up your throw to any base is different, etc. etc, etc. Also you have to adjust to who is playing next to you, how much range they have, what their arm is like, etc, etc,” Perry continued.

There has definitely been an issue with throws from the outfield recently. Do you blame Girardi? Or do you blame the players?

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