June 29, 2009

Poll Results: Girardi not a good manager for Yankees

In my latest poll, I asked fans if they think Joe Girardi is a good manager for the Yankees. The consensus said he is not, but it was not a one-sided vote by any means. Here are the full results:

He is good: 27%
He is bad: 43%
He is not the problem: 29%

I feel that Girardi is not really hurting or helping the team much, so I voted he’s not the problem. I think he’s become more respected by his players as he gains experience, but he’s so young compared to guys like Joe Torre, Jim Leyland and Tony LaRussa.

I think Torre should never him been let go, and should still be managing this team. Everyone respects him, and he offers class and experience. Guys like Lou Piniella or Ozzie Guillen are too distracting for the Yankees, so that’s why I’d rather have Girardi. I just feel I have the most trust with Torre than any major I know.

Vote in next week’s poll on the left pane: Besides Mo, who is the most trusted bullpen arm?

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