June 1, 2009

Poll Results: New Yankee Stadium main cause of home run burst

In my latest poll, the fans have clearly signaled that the new Yankee Stadium is the main reason behind the early abundance of homers.

It IS the main cause:  73%
It is NOT the main cause:  26%

Originally, the new stadium was said to have identical dimensions to the old stadium.  However, the fence is a little closer to home plate in nearly all parts.  Another possible reason for the freakish number of homers are the wind patterns.  It seems that any fly ball to right will carry over the fence.

The scary thing is, this early outbreak may even get worse as summer comes and goes.  When it’s hotter, the ball should carry even more.  If the current pace continues, there will be 306 balls leaving the yard.  Last season, close to half as many homers were hit (160).

Is this a bad thing?  Both teams get the same advantage, so there should be no problem.  What about home run records though?  It’s a tough call, which is why it is a part of my next poll (see right pane).

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