June 15, 2009

Poll Results: Yankees should keep Melky

With Melky Cabrera playing the best baseball of his life, I asked if the Yankees should try to trade him while he has likely reached his peak value.  A strong turnout in votes showed a clear statement to keep the beloved Melk-man.  Here are the full results:

Trade him!:  17%
Keep him!:  56%
Hasn’t reached potential yet: 15%
Trade Gardner instead: 10%

I was surprised to see so many Melky supporters, especially with the number of people that said he still has room for improvement.  Batting over .300 is a lot to ask for a No. 9 hitter.  It may be one of the toughest things to judge when a player has reached his peak.  Let’s hope Mr. Clutch can maintain this production for the rest of the season.

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