June 22, 2009

Too much information from Girardi

Joe Girardi announced yesterday that he would rest Alex Rodriguez once a week until the All-Star break. I’m glad to know the plans, but, as a fan, should I really be hearing this?


Announcing plans like this just creates an unnecessary overflow of media craze. Now, I will be wondering which day of the week is the best to have off. It just creates one more question for the media to ask Girardi about. He could avoid possible scrutiny by simply not revealing his plans.


I also disagreed with the Yankees disclosing their plans with Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain in the beginning of the season. As Chamberlain nears his limit by the end of the year, Girardi and the Yankees will be getting a lot of questions from the media about shutting him down or moving him to the bullpen. These matters should be discussed privately to avoid media distractions.

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