June 29, 2009

Wang scouted by Phillies, Yanks not selling

Perhaps the biggest news of the day for the Yankees was reported from the Philadelphia Inquirer, announcing that the Phillies have been scouting Chien-Ming Wang.

The Yankees have shown no indication that they are looking to trade Wang, or any other starting pitcher for that matter — and rightfully so, I might add.

Wang’s trade value is at a career low, and the Yankees have not given up on him yet — especially with his recent signs of improvement.

Besides, with Andy Pettitte most likely out the door after this season, Wang would remain the No. 3 starter, and Phil Hughes would be reinserted to the rotation as the fifth starter.

However, if I were Brian Cashman, and the Phillies dangled Jayson Werth, I would consider dealing Wang. It is highly unlikely that the Phillies would offer that much for Wang, but I am just using him as my minimum asking price.

Werth is batting .271/.364/.494 with 15 homers, 59 RBI and 10 steals this season. He is also a strong defender in the outfield and seems to be entering his prime at 30 years old.

Moving Wang at the deadline would allow Hughes to get back in the rotation immediately, but would create a hole for next season if Pettitte is not re-signed.

I give the Phillies a five percent shot at landing Wang this deadline, maybe.

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