June 19, 2009

Yankees-Marlins series preview

This three-game series against the Florida Marlins will be the first time this season the New York Yankees play on National League turf. 

Heading into the series, the Yankees (37-29) are trailing the Red Sox by three games, and the Marlins (33-35) are five games behind the Phillies.

So far this season, the Yankees are a surprisingly low 4-5 against NL teams.  Normally, the Yanks, along with the rest of the AL, dominate in interleague play.

Here are the pitching matchups for the series:

Date Yankees starters Marlins starters
Friday Andy Pettitte (6-3, 4.52) Sean West (2-1, 3.00)
Saturday A.J. Burnett (5-3, 4.46) Josh Johnson (6-1, 2.76)
Sunday CC Sabathia (6-4, 3.67) Chris Volstad (4-7, 4.75)

And tonight’s lineups:
Yankees Marlins
Derek Jeter SS Chris Coghlan LF
Johnny Damon LF Wes Helms 3B
Mark Teixeira 1B Hanley Ramirez SS
Alex Rodriguez 3B Jorge Cantu 1B
Jorge Posada C Dan Uggla 2B
Robinson Cano 2B Ronny Paulino C
Nick Swisher RF Jeremy Hermida RF
Melky Cabrera CF Cody Ross CF
Andy Pettitte P Sean West P

I’m really surprised to see A-Rod in the lineup again.  He needs a break.  Also, note that Brett Gardner isn’t starting after his collision last night.

UPDATE:  A-Rod was a late-scratch due to fatigue.  He will miss Friday’s and Saturday’s game.

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