June 20, 2009

Yankees tidbits 6/20/09

Here’s the latest buzz on the Yankees:

  • They picked up a much-needed win last night, beating the Marlins 5-1.
  • Even though the Yankees were eyeing Pedro Martinez in the Dominican Republic, they are now saying that they have “no interest.”
  • Remember that 16-year-old on the cover of Sports Illustrated?  It was Bryce Harper and he will be in a Yankees uniform sooner than expected. 
  • Normally, fans are bashing the Yankees bullpen left and right.  Now, it’s hard to do that.  Two more shutout innings last night tallied 14-1/3 consecutive scoreless from a new-look bullpen.
  • Meanwhile, on a day that the Yankees actually won, a very well-known blog—River Avenue Blues—found the flaws in the Yankees’ offense and pitching.  Read both, they are interesting.
  • The slumping Alex Rodriguez finally is getting a couple days off.  Let’s hope he can catch his breath and help this team score some runs!

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