July 8, 2009

False alarm: Halladay unlikely Yankees bound

After Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi hyped up the Roy Halladay rumors yesterday, it now seems that he will not be dealt within the division. From Mark Feinsand:

For starters, it's doubtful the Blue Jays would trade Halladay within the AL East, and even if they would, a club source said the Yankees aren't likely to part with the prospects it would take to land him.

Although, the first part of that sentence is purely Feinsand’s belief. I really wish he had provided some evidence to support that claim, because I have evidence to counter that argument.

A's GM Billy Beane never rules out trading within his division. Ricciardi, Beane's former assistant, probably would not, either.

It’s too early to tell what Ricciardi will do. The more threatening side of Feinsand’s report is that the Yankees won’t deal their prospects.

I feel that if the Yankees wouldn’t let go of Jesus Montero or Phil Hughes, they would have to trade a major league talent and some of their smaller prospects. A possible deal under that criteria would be Melky Cabrera, Austin Jackson and Dellin Betances. Those are two big prospects, but just not as big as Montero or Hughes.

If you are listening to Feinsand, then you should forget about your hopes of acquiring Halladay.

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