July 2, 2009

Guest Blog: Golf and baseball share common ground

My good friend from Quinnipiac, Jeremy Schilling, blogs about golf and other fun stuff at http://jschil.wordpress.com. A few weeks ago, I guest blogged on his site and now he is returning the favor. He takes an interesting look on how baseball relates to golf.

smoltz side by side

John Smoltz is a future hall of famer and a plus-2 handicap in golf.

Golf and Baseball have a lot in common. The golf course is where pitchers go after they pitch in spring training games, where teams go after they fail to make the playoffs, and where players go after they retire.

But there is some practical carryover; the golf motion and the baseball swing do have some similarities. But I think there's another reason why baseball players become golfers: the peace and sanctuary. High level athletes like to get into the zone — tunnel vision, where they hear nothing and see just the action which they have to do ahead of them.

In baseball for example, they see only the pitcher and the ball. In golf, it's their ball and the hole ahead of them.

That peace and tranquility is a common thread, and may be the very one that syncs golf and baseball together.

Photos from: thefairwaybunker.com & golfdigest.com

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