July 4, 2009

Jose Molina close to returning to Yankees

The Yankees backup catcher Jose Molina has played in two rehab games already, and is projected to return to the team for the Twins series on Tuesday, according to PeteAbe. He has been out since May 7 because of a strained left quad.

Here’s the Molina plan:

Saturday: Day off.

Sunday: 7 innings for Scranton.

Monday: 7 innings for Scranton.

Tuesday: Join Yankees in Minnesota if he feels good.

So far in his rehab stint, he is 1-for-4 with a double and an RBI.

When Molina returns, it will create an interesting roster move dilemma. The replacement backup catcher Francisco Cervelli has had a great influence on the Yankees and their pitching staff.

It’s tempting to keep all three catchers, but it really doesn’t make any sense now, especially with the addition of Eric Hinske. The Yankees can’t drop Ransom because he’s the only backup for the middle infield positions, and Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera and Nick Swisher aren’t going anywhere either.

I say the only option the Yankees have if they want to keep Cervelli is to try and trade Molina. But the Yankees have shown no indication of doing so.

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