July 11, 2009

Mark Melancon’s ugly return to Yankees

A bullpen running low on arms received “backup” when Mark Melancon took Jon Albaladejo’s spot on the team. Melancon was roughed up by the Angels last night in his first major league appearance since May 5.

Hopefully last night was not a precursor of Melancon’s future with the Yankees. He has a strong arm and could eventually be a dominant force from the bullpen.

Joe Girardi’s explanation of the roster move was kind of what every Yankees fan does not want to hear.

"Like the last couple of guys we sent down, Albaladejo did nothing wrong," Girardi said. "He threw the ball really well for us, but we thought we needed some distance, possibly."

Girardi is speaking of Francisco Cervelli and Ramiro Pena — two guys who did all they could to stay with the team but were sent down regardless.

I hope to see Albaladejo back soon, because he really showed some improvement in his latest stint in the majors.

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