July 27, 2009

Poll Results: Yankees need to add starter at trade deadline

The trade deadline is looming at the end of the week, and still, the only move the Yankees have made is acquiring Eric Hinske. The Yanks have always been known to make some kind of swap at the deadline, and my latest poll tells us that Brian Cashman should be looking to add a starting pitcher(s).
I definitely agree with the fans in this case. I, and am sure most fans, do not want to see Sergio Mitre making starts in a close race in September.

However, I would have liked to see more votes for adding a reliever. The Yankees only have a couple reliable relievers, and would benefit from adding Heath Bell of the Padres or even John Grabow of the Pirates.

Vote in next week’s poll on the left pane: What kind of pitcher will Hughes become?

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