July 17, 2009

A-Rod is the key to Yankees offense

The Yankees lead the majors in runs, RBIs, walks, total bases, OBP and SLG. All five categories are specialties of Alex Rodriguez, who has riding the hit train in July.

A-Rod’s batting average sank as low as .207 in June, but is now up to .256 thanks to 22 hits in his last 59 at bats. His OBP and SLG have been as high, or higher than his career average, but hasn’t collected nearly as many hits as usual.

Normally a very consistent hitter, A-Rod’s career batting average and OBP is identical from the first half to the second half. His slow June might level out after a strong July.

When A-Rod is on his ‘A’ game, he becomes more feared, and it gives Mark Teixeira better pitches to hit.

A-Rod’s production is still where it normally is, but if his hits start to catch up too, he becomes deadly.

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