July 4, 2009

Sergio Mitre could spot start for Wang

Peter Abraham reports that Chien-Ming Wang is dealing with a strain and bursitis in his right shoulder, and is headed back to the DL.

…according to Wang, the pain he felt was far less severe than the shoulder inflammation that put him on the DL for nearly two months in 2005. The doctor he saw this afternoon told him that rest and rehab would take care of his issues in a few weeks.

This seems to be good news for Wang, as his shoulder will not require surgery (for the time being).

Abraham suggests that the temporary replacement will not be Alfredo Aceves or Phil Hughes because neither are ready to make a full-length start. That leaves Sergio Mitre as the best bet to replace Wang.

Mitre is sporting a 3.26 ERA in five starts for Triple-A Scranton this season. His major league career ERA is 5.36 in five seasons with the Cubs and Marlins.

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