July 28, 2009

Shelley Duncan, not Austin Jackson, deserves promotion

Brett Gardner’s thumb injury has temporarily opened up a spot on the roster for a position player to fill. I think since it is a center fielder who is injured, people want to see what Austin Jackson can do in the majors. I believe that this is a perfect time for the over-performing Shelley Duncan to show the Yankees, and baseball, what he can do.

Duncan still leads the International League in homers and RBIs by a long shot. If the Yankees have no room for Duncan in the future, isn’t this the perfect time to audition for other possible suitors?

Also, I don’t think Jackson is ready for the majors yet. He is striking out way, way too much for a guy who only has four homers. Jackson will bring good speed and defense to the Yankees, similar to Gardner, but he has not matured into the five-tool player that he seems destined to be. I’m comparing him to Alfonso Soriano, correct me if I’m wrong.

There is a possibility that neither Jackson nor Duncan will get this call this time around. It could be John Rodriguez or even Ramiro Pena, who has played in center field recently for Scranton.

The move should be coming any day now. I really hope it will be Duncan’s lucky day when that time comes.

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