July 29, 2009

Which available starter is best for Yankees?

The Yankees have been linked to practically every starter available in this year’s trade market, specifically Bronson Arroyo, Cliff Lee, Ian Snell, Jarrod Washburn and even Roy Halladay.

Jeff Fletcher of FanHouse reported a couple days ago that the Yankees had scouts at Lee’s last start and also were in serious discussions with the Reds about acquiring Arroyo .

Jon Heyman speculated on MLB Network last night that the Yankees could possibly settle for both Snell and Washburn, rather than Lee or Halladay.

As much as I wish the Yanks could land either Lee or Halladay, I would love to see the Yankees nab two coveted starters at the deadline, especially with the latest news of Chien-Ming Wang.

If I had to choose, I’d go with Snell, unless Washburn would agree to a contract extension right after the deal gets done. Snell is signed through 2010 with two club options and is significantly cheaper than Washburn. I think if the Yankees are going to give up a big-time prospect for a starter, they have to be assured he will be with the team for at least one full season.

Even though Snell is in Triple-A right now, I like his potential. He’s dominating in his small stint in the minors, so it seems he has worked out the kinks. I know pitching in the AL East is asking a lot for a guy who has only won 10 games in a season once, but I just like him as a 27-year-old pitcher.

I’m surprised Heyman didn’t mention Arroyo to the Yankees based on what Fletcher wrote, but that doesn’t bother me. I would consider Arroyo the fifth option at this point, unless the Reds want to eat a significant amount of his pricey contract.

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