August 31, 2009

Damon and Yankees clicking for next year

John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus posted an enticing segment about the Yankees plans for the future outfield dilemma in his latest weekly roundup (h/t RAB).

The Yankees would prefer to re-sign Johnny Damon to a one-year contract for 2010 and allow outfield prospect Austin Jackson a second year to develop at Triple-A, meanwhile pursuing such big-name free-agent outfielders as Matt Holliday and Jason Bay in the offseason.

Meanwhile, Damon reiterated his preference to stay in pinstripes to the NY Post.

If Perrotto’s information is from a trustworthy Yankees source, it seems highly probable that Damon will be able to work something out with the Yankees.

I’ve been saying it would be a good idea to keep Damon because of his love for the new Yankee Stadium. Plus, the top four in the lineup seem to mesh really well together, and I would hate to split that up after just one season.

As for the other info from Perrotto, Jackson is having a decent year in Triple-A, just below my expectations. He is striking out way too much (118) for someone with only five homers on the season. A .294 BA is respectable, but not for a top prospect. I’ve been starting to lose some hope in A-Jax, but he is still only 22 years old.

Perrotto mentioned Holliday and Bay as the possible free agents the Yankees will be after this offseason. I would choose Holliday because he has proven with the Cardinals he can hit in a ballpark besides Coors Field. Holliday would be the best No. 5 hitter in the majors if he and Damon signed.

Remember, this is just speculation for the offseason. The Yankees still have a World Series to win this year!

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