August 3, 2009

Poll Results: Mid-rotation awaits Hughes

Two weeks after polling the future of Joba Chamberlain, I’ve switched the poll to the other young Yankee hurler, Phil Hughes. Another week has gone by, and the results are in. What is the future of Phil Hughes
image  The majority has spoken. I actually voted he might become an ace, but I wouldn’t doubt him as a middle-of-the-rotation pitcher in the future.

Nothing ever seems to be crystal clear in Yankeeland, but all signs lead me to believe they intend to reinsert Hughes into the rotation next year. With Chien-Ming Wang already ruled out for the first half of next year, it’s hard not to see Hughes starting.

For the people that voted he would stay in the bullpen and become a closer, your claim is well-evidenced. He’s sporting a 0.98 ERA from the pen this year and has more strikeouts than innings pitched.

Vote in next week’s poll on the left pane: Who is the MVP of the Bronx Bombers thus far this season?

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