August 25, 2009

Red Sox bolster bullpen, Yankees unresponsive

The Red Sox added another piece to their prized bullpen today with the acquisition of Billy Wagner from the Mets minutes before the deadline.

My question is, when will the Yankees respond? Brian Cashman predicted a lot more moves through waivers in August. There have been a few big moves, but no significant ones by the Yankees.

Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre are not going to cut it in the playoffs, so they don’t matter to me. I have been urging the Yanks to improve their bullpen all along, but still no response.

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein has been doing a great job with his borderline playoff team by acquiring an All-Star bat in Victor Martinez, and now another former closer to help set up the hated Jon Papelbon. Takashi Saito, Wagner and Papelbon combined for 110 saves in 2007 — not bad.

I’m still hoping for a new quality arm for the Yankees bullpen, but it seems time is running out. Oh well. I guess Cashman believes this team is already set to win the World Series. Right…

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