August 1, 2009

Shelley demoted to make way for Hairston

Tyler Kepner has reported via Twitter that newly acquired Jerry Hairston Jr. has taken Shelley Duncan’s spot on the team. This leaves Cody Ransom and Hairston as the utility boys.

I know I’ve been posting a lot about Shelley recently, but this is a disgrace. He was thrilled to be back with the Yanks. How in the world do the Yankees think Ransom is better fit for the bench than Duncan?

Shelley’s minor league numbers are 100 times better than Ransom’s, and Ransom has never proven himself as a major league hitter.

In my mind, this puts Ransom fourth on the depth chart for third base, with Hairston and Eric Hinske ahead of him, and third up the middle behind Hairston.

Ransom is now a complete waste of a roster spot, as Duncan would have at least been a good pinch-hit guy in late-game situations (Ruben Sierra comes to mind). I really, really hope the Yankees aren’t done making moves, because this is an awful way to start a new month.

If this report is really true, it only makes me believe even more now that Brian Cashman is planning on adding an arm. I feel like any Triple-A pitcher would be of more use than Ransom right now.

Oh, and Duncan never got to play last night. He must have a lot of motivation right now in the minors.

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